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cool bike

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dave from australia just ordered a tshirt and sent pics of his bike. it's a modern bike so I didn't put it on the site but it's still a cool bike. I've never heard of one before. dave says they're popular in australia and europe but were never sold in the US.

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The symptoms of a bent valve vary depending on how badly it's bent. If you just tweak it a little it won't run below like 4,000 rpm. Tweak it a little more and it won't run below 7,000 rpm. Tweak a little more and it won't run at all. Tweak it real bad and it blows right the fuck up.

As for skill and power. A skillful person can adapt to inferior equipment because of his skill. A person lacking in skill will never develope the necessary skill with a piece of crap, he'll just learn how to operate a piece of crap. I'll put it like this, if you fly fast airplanes and you want to learn how one feels at mach+ speeds you will never find out if you are flying a piece of crap that won't do mach+ speeds. So, develope all the skill you want, when you get into a plane that does mach+ speeds you will now be learning how to fly a fast plane AND learning a new way to fly. When you see an experienced rider beat other people while riding a piece of crap, he's utilizing a skill set he obtained by riding fast bikes. You can't learn to go fast on a bike that won't go fast. You can't have good corner speed on a bike that handles poorly. It works the same way as any TOOL does. If you use better tools, most likely the quality or your work will improve.
I think many of you underestimate your own skill. To blow my own horn for a second, I can keep up with the top two guys in 200gp and the top four in 250 gp....why? It's not my skill, which is average, it's my bike that is fast. So as my skills improve I am already acclimated to a bike one which I can fully utilize those skills.
A huge part of going fast is KNOWING you can go fast. Someone like Zack can take a piece of crap and beat people on fast bikes because he's been on very fast bikes...he KNOWS that HE can go fast. He can push the piece of crap to the limit. If you have a piece of crap that will only go 35mph through turn three, you will never know what if feels like to go through at 45mph. If you have a bike that will only do 75mph you will never know what it feels like to enter turn one at 95mph, so you are not learning the skill set that you will need to go fast, you are only learning the skill set needed to ride the bike you are on.
Skill can adapt to poor equipment, but only within limits. A bike needs to be setup with the basic requirments to be competitive in a class if you ever expect to find out if YOU are competitive in a class.

Scott, you've taken racing school right? The most important lesson they teach is to "look where you want to go"...and don't look where you don't want to go. I acclimated myself to NHIS by riding a 130hp RC51 there that would hit 140mph by turn one, and probably 110 into three. When you operate a machine in those realms and then get on a 20hp bike you go into it with a feel for what is POSSIBLE. You know that YOU can go through a corner at a given speed, then it's just a matter of making YOU AND THE BIKE with 20hp do it as fast as possible. It's like this, I'm going through turn one on my 200, instead of saying to myself MAYBE I can go through here a little faster the next time, I can say to myself I KNOW I can go way faster because I've done it before on a different bike, now I just have to DO IT on this bike.
And don't say "hey, that's different, you did it on a modern bike" because that would be admitting that machinery DOES make a difference. Sure your bike will go faster....but do you know if YOU can go faster? I already know I can, simple because I did it on a bike that would go faster. It's all a confidence thing (well a lot of it is). I'd rather go into a hot dog eating contest knowing I've eaten 30 of them, and knowing that I only have to eat 20 of them to win this one.

Not sure about sound checks. I know last time them said I was over...screw em, I've got a fully closed supertrapp system installed. I find it hard to believe my little 200 is too loud, doesn't seem possible.

And Scott, I'm not implying that your bike is a piece of crap :) I was just using and extreme to make a point. And the head work is about $800 bucks. Not cheap, but not a huge amount compared to the overall price of building a race bike.

My new can't go fast on a slow bike, but you can go slow on a fast bike.
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hey!! i go slow on a slow bike!

Mythic Tale

From my experience it’s not when you’re down & out, necessarily, & I know

a lot about that, it’s more when you’re liable to be on the verge of success that

they’ll jettison your name face serial number. Watch out. You’re loveable losing.

Make some strides, win a prize, write something wondrous, or worse, of worth, &

hell, the social landscape gets denuded. If you’re lucky, one friend by the end, said

Thoreau, who must have known as much about that as he did a bean row, or the

Micmac mythic tale that moose was whale once.
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You are all slow and I am VERY fast on a slow bike!!! You either got it or you aint't...............


ps what do you think about me now????
I need to know who is "250 GP champ"! ! ! !


C'mon now you know who I am.... Go look back at the uscra results page!!!!!

Johnny B.,

Are you implying that Talabach builds a piece of shit slow bike??

quote: Johnny B.,

Are you implying that Talabach builds a piece of shit slow bike??

What in heavens name are you talking about?

If you mean the Zack reference, I was talking about the race where he came in second in 350 gp on a junkyard Honda.

Thanks for clarifying that!!!!

hey, i am 3rd in points for wera 500gp class for the mid atlantic and 4th nationally. out of about 20. and there are only 2 350 hondas in front of me regionally!

those pesky ducatis keep beating me in 350gp, and olmstead. thats the last time i invite him down to race.

neither one of those is any place near last place.

Can I bump my 200 into WERA 500gp?

I gotta start working on a 240cc engine.

ok, ok, 250 gp champ is either roper, turkington, or . . . . there are several winners of the gp in the results!!
Parker and John Strempfer have the most amount of 250 championships. Now who do you think it is?

hey johnny, come on down and try it! 250 runs with 350 there, and i think v1 maybe. so you can try and beat all of us.

One of these days I'm going to build a 240cc engine that I can swap out between races. This little bike would be a hoot with 30hp.
If it's Strempher, Hey, how come I can't get an answer from anyone about exhausted Notes advertising????

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