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race engine technology

ive leafed through a couple of issues. the issue that covered alot of motogp stuff was cool. they give the phone numbers and addresses of all of the engine lead tech guys at the factories. like yamaha, honda etc. they also cover nascar, f1, indy, wrc etc. its all modern stuff from what ive seen but some of it is just nuts.

they also do this thing where they pick a builder, and interview him, and they give you all of the resources each team uses. so like the porting guy, the crank builder, the piston guy, the bearing guy, and on and on. phone numbers, contact names, address.....pretty cool. i mean, there are names like you see on f1 cars, but there are also guys working in a shop in georgia who build motors for sprint cars. its still pretty cool. there were pics of this one guys top fuel motor shop. he had about 12 of them crated and ready to go. just sitting on the shop floor. pretty cool.

check it out if you have a chance.


aaron, send my wheel.
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