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cosmo bikes/Reijus

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just a heads up that you racer types with those Reijus that the "rules Committee" of the uscra decided that the Reijus need to be fully safety wired as any other race bike.
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Mary's Supervintage 50 will be running a full season next year with the new frame. She won her first time out on it the end of last year. She doesn't beat any of the hot kitted 75-80cc bikes...but in the open field there are usually on about three bikes ahead of her at the finish out of all four classes. All of which are typically "Cosmo" class bikes. Hiroshi has been giving her some trouble on his "modern" class 50R. No real plans to hop it up anymore at present...although she is only running 72cc...and the class allows about 81cc for four strokes....which would be good for another pony. Hiroshi and George's 50R's are 75cc versions...quite fast with four valves and all.

Can't believe more people haven't built Honda 72cc based supervintage bikes....with a total $1500 investment any rider 160lbs or less could be running with the fast guys. Also...why no one has built an XR75 based machine I don't know...with their better engine and a five speed they should go real good. I have a frame and engine here I'll put together someday. We do have a five speed in the works for Mary's bike but not sure if we'll get to it this year. It would be a big help on that little engine.

As for Cosmo...don't know Joe at all other than seeing him at the track. I like his door prizes and he's a good sponsor of the club...and we need those.
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I remember when you had the XR parts for sale. Technically a person could shove in some XR80 parts and be legal, with the right massaging a person could have a pretty quick little bike. With the five speed and probably 10-11 hp on tap, a 130 lb bike and light rider could do some impressive times with a bike like that...probably run with a lot of the 200 gp guys.
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