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costa rica

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Any one on this list ridden to Cost rica? Planning a trip next winter, and would appreciate your comments! Thanks, Mike
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There is a book pete egan recommended a while back in one of his columns about a guy riding through sould america and mexico. The guy was kidnapped and held as a captive for months before escaping. When we was free he did the ride again and made it. I'm sure this will give you some more insight.

The only advice I can give is get a nice deep dark tan before you go, it won't pass anything more than a sniff test but the less you stand out the better (this assuming you are white, any other race disreguard). Also learn some local phrases and really work on your accent. If you are captured or cornered say you are european (german or something), as americans are none too popular right now outside the US.

have fun and try not to get savagly raped and/or beaten. Write a book about it, those kinds of travelogs sell like crazy right now.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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