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costa rica

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Any one on this list ridden to Cost rica? Planning a trip next winter, and would appreciate your comments! Thanks, Mike
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never been there but met a gorgeous beautiful pretty hot sexy amazing woman from there once or twice...... hold, on, i need to catch my breath.....

yeah, costa rica, never been there. but the country is basically the most stable country in central america if not south and central. they've got no standing army and the budget they used to have for the army is spent on edumacation which means that they have been enjoying a growing middle class and a higher standard of living. tourism is definitly on the rize and in overall the country deserves it. rainforests, gulf of mexico, pacific ocean, beaches waves and mountains. oh, bikes, well, i dunno.

CB650, FauxCatiFT500
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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