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crack addict

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I had taken the seat off my 350 to make some other work easier a little bit ago. Last night I found some cracks in the frame I had not seen before. The upper frame rails are cracked on both sides halfway between the shock mounts and frame rail loops. Each crack is about 1" long. There is also a couple of smaller cracks on the inside of the frame rails at the shock mount itself.
I'd like to think it was the byproduct of scary fast lap times but can only chalk it up to stress from being on the track. I've got to check for this stuff more often. It sure would have stunk to find out after something broke
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wow. ive never seen anything like that. i just pulled my frame apart in the past few weeks and everything looked good. but i am working on a new one with alot less sshit on it. thats my biggest worry. over lightening.

id like to see your frame.

i cracked mine hauling it into the shop when i built it. i acci-dent-ly dropped it and one of the lower frame tubes cracked. mike o brazed it up , i filed and painted it, and never looked at it again. (actually, i was totally paranoid about it for months. i finally just kind started to forget about it.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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