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Eww, model airplanes...cox engines running at a gazillion rpm, no thanks.

I think I crashed my first bike, '78 SR500, the most. Low sided when I panicked going into a right hander with some puddles in the road. Fixed it. Then tried to pass a car that was passing a truck on a two lane, went off the shoulder, tried to get back on and just flipped it, flying W, the whole bit. Fixed it. Then low sided after crossing a wooden bridge in the summer when the creosote was oozing out of the wood, didn't fix it. Then went into a 15 MPH turn that really was, and still is, a 15 MPH turn at about 25, picked myself out of the softball sized rocks lining the culvert, got a lady passing by with her kids in the pickup to haul me and my bike home. Fixed it and sold it to buy a Laguna racing kart.
Earlier in the day that I crashed in the culvert, I also crashed my '73 RD350. Low sided hanging a right 'cause the rear tire had done so many burnouts it was just about flat across the tread, with a 90 degree transition to the sidewall. That was a bad day. Two rides in the back of pickup trucks.
But I guess I was luckier than some of you guys. Every single one was my fault, and I walked or rode away from all of 'em.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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