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July 3rd 2004. Guy changed lanes into me on the northern state parkway between the shelter rock road and willis ave exits. Knocked the front end of my bike out from under me at 65mph. I went over the handlebars and was then run over with the bike (I framed the t-shirt with the tire mark). I flat backed on the pavement and slide for a good long while. chrash guards keep the bike from crushing my leg. The girlfriend was in her toyota corolla behind me and stuffed the car in the guardrail to avoid hitting me sliding on the highway - her car totaled as it spun around.

My injuries were a displaced collar bone and three broken toes. The road rash was not even bad enough for them to wire brush me. My ego was brused as I had to be taken away in an ambulance from a department I used to work for by friends of mine (I was a firefighter for 5 years). My injuries were not severe enough to justify suing the car owner and I ended up losing my job at the law firm because my performance suffered (hard to type with your arm in a sling). When I left the firm my boss didn't even know I had been injured - that is how often he was in the office.

The girlfriend was fine except it took us a year to save for another car (which some asshole just deprived us of when he ran a stop sign last month).

the only upside is that the forks and frame were not bent and I rode the bike home from the salvage yard it got towed to after the accident. The insurance company wanted to total it but I had all the pieces to fix it and I did. The bike tracks straight and except for the case guard you would never know it was in an accident.

Kill me now.

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