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from the horses mouth.

I just became aware of a MAJOR information error in the posting on the web site
and printed in the Exhausted Notes.
NHIS changed the contract this year for this event and the one gate fee is no
valid for the entire weekend. The USCRA has a $20 gate fee on Monday and the
has a separate gate fee for Saturday and Sunday. The USCRA cannot enter the
until after 7pm on Sunday night unless you want to pay the gate fee to the LRRS
event and then pay it again after 7PM Sunday night for the USCRA event. Sorry
the posting and mailing error.

On another note...Many know that Mark Hull had a bad crash at Mosport. As of
August 9 he was still in the hospital near Toronto and will most likely be there
for a while longer. It is expected that he will be transported back to the
in the near future possibly by private ambulance. When I left Canada Thursday,
details were still being worked out. My information is coming via Canadians Paul
and Sharon Bowyer who have been in contact with Mark and his wife. I will update
as I get more information.
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