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In the interest of not only posting problem questions but found fixes.

A while ago I had a VMax with a mid-speed wobble problem. You take your hands off the handle bars and the front-end would start shaking it's ugly head all over the road. It was a pretty dangerous problem.

I suspected a problem with the front-end and/or front wheel. I removed the front wheel and had it re-balanced and checked for trueness. It was within .004. I then tightened up the front head bearing and re-checked the front forks to ensure they were indeed parallel. All checks on the front end had checked out but I still had the evil wobble...

I had a chance to speak with a VMax shop in Albany NY (great guys) and they suggested that my problem was not with the front end but the rear end. I thought that was a little odd as the Vmax rear end is kind of in a fixed position. Their take on the problem was the rear end was not tracking with the front end. As it turned out, the rear end was slightly out of line with the front end.

So the fix to the problem was with the alignment of the rear end and not the front end. This problem thru me for a loop (in other words I was fixated on the front end) and failed to check the obvious.

OK - I'm another day older and just a little wiser...
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