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custom cafe parts from Canada

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First off let me say that it so rad to see at ton of people keeping classic biking alive!

If anyone is interested in getting some parts machined for their cafe/custom application please let me know. I am hoping to have my bike put on soon so that you can see my work.

I can work in aluminum and stainless and have made some bodywork out of fiberglass as well. I can produce items like rearsets, handlebars (clipons), triple clamps, signal lights and pretty much anything you can dream up.

Please note I am simply a machinist and designer that likes bikes and cutting metal. I am not trying to get rich from doing this so feel free to e-mail me or respond to this message with any questions or comments as I would love to start making any parts anyone needs for their cafes.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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