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custom rearsets

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Im trying to make rearsets for my honda cb550. Im having problems with fabricating the brake lever and linkage. If anybody has any info or links of pictures I can use as referance, please let me know
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if you look at disco's list for rearsets you'll see they list one specifically for cb500k 71-78. these should work.
I've emailed him before, seems like a decent guy. prices are pretty good.

Raask rearsets can still be bought through M&P in the UK or O'mars here in the states, Phill Little @ O'mars Cafe (763) 745-2255
the mounting bracket is a little overkill, big cast iron mount. but its definitely strong enough to take a crash or two....or three. and its just a bolt on deal, will take you ten minutes.
i must have zoned out when I was those extra long posts, sorry

on your bmx, did you get the extra wide seat for me too?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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