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custom rearsets

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Im trying to make rearsets for my honda cb550. Im having problems with fabricating the brake lever and linkage. If anybody has any info or links of pictures I can use as referance, please let me know
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Alright guys, thanks alot for all the leads. I had no idea this would so such a popular topic. Im leaning toward the discos, but I dont think anybody cares any more. Ill let you know how they work out.

Thanks again
I care man... My personal taste is to make my own stuff but if I were to buy it probably would be discos. They seem to be a little bit better made than the raasks. Let us know how it goes.

good luck and get some picks or a review of them when youre done. its always a hot topic. its probably one of the toughest parts of putting one together. id go with the discos too, since ive got the raasks and they look nice but are kinda crappy. i have crashed my bike a few times and surprisingly not broken them though. i think the ones disco sells are the tarrozzis. but bove would definitely know for sure. i thin thats where he gets his from

good luck

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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