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What we have here is a Dianese jacket, size 56, just aching to find it's forever home. I got it from a friend but the reality is I have so many jackets already I'll never wear it.

All original. Some patina included, in the form of bugs I'm too lazy to clean off and scrapes on one shoulder guard.

Note that the photo with the white trim is really just the flash reflecting off the reflecty parts. It has armor in the elbows but no back protector of any kind. It does have a pocket for a back protector, along with the half zipper to attach pants to it. Also two small front zippered vents. I'm about 5' 9", 185lbs and it fits me ok though I typically wear a 54 in Alpinestar stuff. Large T-shirts are usually a little tight on my shoulders if that helps.

$150 shipped in the USA
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