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DAMMIT Tarnation!!!!

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Parked the bike on the lift after a ride on Tuesday.
Went back to the garage on Wednesday to tweak the bike for a Thursday ride, and find the bike laying in its side.. off the lift! The front tire had developed a small leak. When the pressure left the tire, so did the pressure of the wheel clamp, and plop, bike playing dead.
Thankfully, the lift was lowered, so there was almost no damage. Almost! The ONE thing that this bike never needed was paint work. Unfortunately, gas leaking out of the tank ate a good piece of the paint on the tank.


So anyway, I removed the tube and found that some rust had formed on the inside of the rim and had worn a small hole on the inside diameter of the tube.
Cleaned up the rust, applied electrical tape to the inside of the rime, applied a new rim strip and replaced the tube. Hopefully the weather will allow a couple good riding days next week. Sigh.
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First place I looked. They are my go to paint guys for color matching. But they don’t have it listed, unfortunately.
I found if you get the tank/paint scanned in the sun the match is better. On the yellow monster the scanner didn't pick up the green tinge, that it has, when we scanned it indoors. But you could clearly see it by eye in the sunlight and when we scanned it outdoors the shade/tint changed in the mix code. You can see a minimal difference if you are looking for it but it is unbelievable how close they are.
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