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Crashed the Norton. Turn 2. Bad down shift from 3 to 2 at the wrong time. I'm told it was rather spectacular—the bike flipped from one side to the other. Way fast on the Honda with new tires. Gonna get the wrist x rayed. hurts to type. With any luck the honda will be out on the 1st with me on it. Thanks to Vanson. Not a scratch on the bucket. But the Norton needs a coupla hours work, again.

There was only about 20 bikes there at the most, maybe 16 riders. George DeCamp kept it to $100.00 per person. Sent the front office flowers, apparently, so we didn't have to make up the difference of what it normally costs to rent the track.

ouch. stiff. no sleep last night. need meds. Did i say thanks to Vanson?

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