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hey JD or Aaron I'm in Daytona....been here a bit but the computer is i will send is it nice, got a little CL360 for cheep and will soon be running around on get in touch, i was wondering if the invite to the pitts is still there, oh yeah, bring me a shirt then!

"Ride Fast and Take Chances"

hey JD your "box" is full up email me with your number or something like that.....

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New to posting here but been frequenting the posts for a few months just never had a reason to pipe in till I read that Chikor is in Daytona and some of you boys are headed this way for the Vintages races. If any u's get up to St. Augustine (less than hr north of track)during ya trip get in touch for some beer swillin or street ridin. Your posts have helped me find parts sources for the CB-77 street cafe projekt IB workin on as well as made me laugh my ass off i.e.- the drunk stories.
Just fingured Id send out a invite as a thanks to all.

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Give a holler next time your up this way we'll grab a pint,the soon to be cafe '66 SuperHawk is in pieces spread thru out the shop(or lack there of a shop) right now. Ive got alot of parts that need to prepped before I can put them up for sale which is delaying the building process.

Im meeting up w/ some guys from Jax on March 1 and heading down to Daytona for the Vintage races if anyone is interested in linking up to chew the fat.

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Tell your wife that Im pretty partial to St.Aug. myself, I came here for a 2month stay about 7 years ago !! This place is a vortex it is so easy to get sucked in.

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