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hey JD or Aaron I'm in Daytona....been here a bit but the computer is i will send is it nice, got a little CL360 for cheep and will soon be running around on get in touch, i was wondering if the invite to the pitts is still there, oh yeah, bring me a shirt then!

"Ride Fast and Take Chances"

hey JD your "box" is full up email me with your number or something like that.....

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PBR and stupid chicks. Why do I go to this bar every fucking night?
It feels a lot less dirty without all the smoke, though.
38 days 'til we hit the road. Should we bring a couple bottles of tequila?
Ha ha ha ha ha... shutup.
I mean, good idea.
Don't be sad, JD is more than happy to "keep you company."
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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