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quote:Originally posted by Ratty-550

Desmocat on the Sundial board's T500 race bike really does it for me.
I've seen that bike in person, and it does it for me as well.


it sounds funny but the first step is to figure out what your local laws will allow. Some states require turn signals, others don't, some require front fenders, get the idea. The AMA has a listing of states laws and that is a good place to look. also talk to your local bike shop that does inspections, ask them what is the bare minumum to pass.

cafe racers are not defined by "styles" and talking about them as a style is a pretty clear cut path to being labled a cafe lemming.

the basic definition is a performance oriented vintage motorcycle that has just the bare minimum to make it a practical motorcycle. Basically a race bike for the street. The difference between this and a chopper is in the term "performance". These bikes are not about style, they must function as a useable motorcycle first and foremost. A modern sportbike equilavent would be the streetfighter. within this loose definition you are free to do what you want.
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