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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride-Get involved

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These take place all around the US and the world. I'm in Madison Wisconsin.
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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: A global custom motorcycle event that is giving the marching orders to prostate cancer. On Sunday September 27th 2015, more than 30,000 smartly-dressed gentlefolk in over 400 cities will straddle the saddles of their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvelous custom motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer.
In grand style, dapper gents and elegant ladies shall ride their steeds spreading merriment and joy throughout their communities whilst raising awareness for men’s health. In 2013, over 11,000 participants in 145 cities around the world raised over $277,000 for prostate cancer research. In 2014, over 20,000 participants in 257 cities in 58 countries raised over $1.5 million (US) for prostate cancer research. Our fundraising goal for 2015 is $3 million (US). ‘Tell me more, sir!’ - About The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 in Sydney Australia, inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit. It was decided a themed ride would be a great way to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorcycles, whilst connecting niche motorcycle communities together. That first ride brought together over 2,500 riders across 64 cities. The success of the event encouraged the founder to consider how it could be used to support a worthy cause. And the rest, as they say, is eloquently attired history. Once again ‘Triumph Motorcycles’ one of the world’s most iconic and admired motorcycle manufacturers, has lent it’s support to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, imbuing it’s esteemed heritage to the event and twisting the throttle to defeat prostate
Mark the 27 th of September in your leather-bound diary. Join a ride, donate to the cause or just come and cheer along some of your community’s finest Gentlefolk as they give prostate cancer the mighty ‘Heave-Ho’.
For more information, go to:
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Kind of a "get to know me" sort of thing. You're first post was promoting an event we already had a thread about. Just inviting you to spend some time looking around the forum.
Got it. I didn't see a posting in the event section so thought I would do it for those that just breeze through looking for events (like me) and don't have the time or will to search for a thread in each forum. More like going into a business and putting up a flyer rather than going around talking to each person to see if they know about it. BTW I threw a little sponsorship for your ride. thanks for caring enough to get involved.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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