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Do I have to introduce myself?

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Yes, I'm new to this board...Is that It?
I'm thinking about building a bike to race vintage and i have a 02 Gsxr-750. Oh and I live in Baltimore, home of Crabs?

220, 221 whatever it takes.
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not with wera!!! i wonder if the uscra would consider running later model bikes as vintage. not that im saying they should, but i wonder if anyone has thought it could be worthwhile for entries/grids. 220, 221, is that how many pounds of potatos you ate last night?? jb, we all know what you ride on the street, and it aint old dude.


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since no holds are being barred, jeremy, youd actually have to go to the track to race. you do know that right??

(aaron will like that)

chocolate vanilla least you didnt say chocolate vanilla and raspberry. i feel sick.

since jd was bringing food into this side also, i figured, why not. besides, i didnt start feeling sick until i flipped to this page!

ted, jd has a suzki 4ls brake for sale, and aaron has that 450 drum.
just incase you come across a few bucks. jeremy really needs it. the money i mean.

1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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