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Does this bikes qualifies as a C Racer?

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That's cool that some of you know about the RD400. The bike was kind of in between original and few mods, so decided to take the whole thing apart. Everything's been Powder Coated with the exeption of tank, fenders and seat. The pipes were Ceramic Coated. I've always liked the C Racer bikes so decided to make one out of a 2 stroker.And yes, those are DG heads Black anodized.
Those are Douglas´s bikes. My pipes are just like the yellow bike.
He is a great guy and helped me out very much while building the bike.
Be ready to wait for a while with Tom´s pipes. I don´t know about Tom´s pipes, but my bike is easily reaching 12000 rpm. Of course I´ve got few more tricks under my sleeve.
There are still plenty of 2 strokers out there. They are just not allowed in the USA.
I also got a Puch SR125 2 stroker that would really make a smaller cc C Racer

They are still very popular in Europe and mostly Austria, that is where shes from.
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1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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