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Donald the Wheelie King

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Donald road a dirt bike for the first time today and was doing wheelies all after noon. I've never seen him ride a bike so much other then to pick up women.

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wera schedule for mid-o = no vintage, just modern bikes. so bring your 125 and race with the usgpru. you don't need a usgpru license as you have a wera license and they are running the show. might want to bring your ama card to play it safe. have no idea what the schedule is for racing. check out for discussion on their general forum.


p.s.- oh great, now dalton's gonna be pissed at me again.
... hello? So, I thought in Maine, the only way to get your mail is to ride the dirt bike to the end of the mile long driveways? So I'm sure Donald knew how to ride before.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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