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Done it!!

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Picked up an Enfield 500 with a few bits thrown in for 350 quid, sorry my colonial friends, dunno what that is in dollars about 475'ish I would guess.

The bits that were thrown in were a big bore barrel and a stroked crank. Should make it about 670cc or there abouts. The extra cc's should give it the boost in power that its screaming out for. The guys at Hitchcocks have had their one clocked at just over the 120 mark.....not bad for a 60 odd year old design

I'll get the lump sorted first then work on the look of the thing. Quite excited in a way to have another project and something away from the norm.

Piccy's to follow when I find time to put a spanner down and pick up a camera.........
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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