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Normally I'd never have such a bike in my shop but this one belongs to family. I don't have a book.

I need to know how the ignition works on this bike from the pickup(s?) thru the black box and to the two primary wire coil

what it WAS doing was starting just fine, running and like clockwork, it would shut down like the kill switch had been pressed

I verified this with a timing light

the resistor cap was bad

replaced it with a non-resistor end...... fat blue spark but it still would shut down but did stay running longer

so naturally I thought the coil was hurt and it probably is

sub'd the coil with a universal single wire coil, no spark, and now it would appear it refuses to spark at all even with the original coil installed

so if anyone here knows this system and doesn't mind sharing with me

I'd really appreciate your help.
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