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Drum brakes

1828 Views 19 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  joe c to all y'all in the 250GP race about my lines. I just hopped off my RD350 ( which has BRAKES ) on the Ossa ( which has brakes ). Wasn't used to the complete lack of stopping power. Or the gearbox full of neutrals....

Maybe y'all can tell me if this is normal with drum brakes: When braking hard like to turn3, I'd squeeze the piss out of the lever. The brakes seemed to take a second before the started to grab, then they'd grab, then they start to fade a little as I started to let off and lean into the corner. Almost like they needed a second to warm up before they'd grab. There was no vents on the drum, and they felt consistent every lap. Odd.

If I can ever get a decent start on that thing, watch out. It was easily pulling stock CB350s on the straight in the 350GP race. 8)
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It's my first time with drum brakes too. came from the cb350 and 550 brakes with race compound pads, I could stand on it coming into turn 3. now my drum is just as you guys have described, it fades off coming into three. I slid the rear a couple times because the front wasn't doing it. I realized I had to start braking a lot earlier there. Johnny is right about it working well through 6, 10, and the chicane after that though. thanks for the tip, I'm going to try braking a little more going into turn 1. guess I shouldn't have drilled so many holes. btw, its a Kawasaki H1 brake, too much for the bike.
quote: Hmmm, but I don't want to brake for turn1.
me too. I guess I could tape up some of the holes instead, maybe that would help.

to be honest I never adjusted this brake at all. I bought it used already laced to a rim and took it to the track. that's why with some adjustment I'm hoping to get some better performance. I'm sure johnny has some way that includes cad drawings, lasers, and a jig. he's too smart to be here.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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