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Drum brakes

1826 Views 19 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  joe c to all y'all in the 250GP race about my lines. I just hopped off my RD350 ( which has BRAKES ) on the Ossa ( which has brakes ). Wasn't used to the complete lack of stopping power. Or the gearbox full of neutrals....

Maybe y'all can tell me if this is normal with drum brakes: When braking hard like to turn3, I'd squeeze the piss out of the lever. The brakes seemed to take a second before the started to grab, then they'd grab, then they start to fade a little as I started to let off and lean into the corner. Almost like they needed a second to warm up before they'd grab. There was no vents on the drum, and they felt consistent every lap. Odd.

If I can ever get a decent start on that thing, watch out. It was easily pulling stock CB350s on the straight in the 350GP race. 8)
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try a milder compound. when i bought mine, i told him i was worried about not heating them aggresively enough. mine seem to hook nicely. and jb, youre right on with the just touch them before going in. everyone ive ever talked to about it says the same thing. (one of the few things all racers can agree on i guess) at summit, i was racing a guy on a V1 bike, and i kicked his ass all over the corners. he was running a disk with a prety agressive compound and i got him into almost every corner he challenged me on too deep. he went by me a few times really fast trying to get me on the brakes. id have to look to see if i beat him in the end though but im pretty sure i did.

and who the hell are you unga wunga??

you were either up front, with the fast guys, or in back with the slow ones. i was the only one in between. and arron and jeremy, its way more fun racing with you guys with wera. man, id like to get ahold of that johnny b at summit.

ah, so you were up with the faster group of 350 hondas. texs bike is pretty quick. olmstead is fast everyplace but in a straight line. tex is used to there being some kind of rule for passing. ive heard complaints about wera guys complaining about being passed in places they dont think they should be passed in. blah blah blah....if you leave room, someones going to go by. rob, it was crazy fun watching you over the weekend. just cool dude.

glad this thing is up and running again. now i can be foul mouthed again.

since i wanted mine to actually work, i had someone else do it for me. its not hard to do, but i dont remember the steps. and it probably depends on your linkage.

yep, that sounds about right. nice pics by the way. reminds me of godzilla on the empire state building.

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