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ducati 450 desmo stuff

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after much thought i have decided to rid myself of my ducati 450 desmo project. you got to stick with what you know and i have no desire to start with another marquee. so the motor and bits are for sale.

here is what i got: 1971 ducati 450 desmo widecase motor. this has been bored by bill moeller at boretech to accept a syd's high comp piston which is included in sale. bottom end is strong and assembled, top end is not assembled (well the head is), but cylinder is off because of boring service. price $750.00

ducati widecase road frame (NOT SCRAMBLER FRAME). completely stock with all tabs. price $100.00

TGA vic camp style fairing, red gel coat. price $100.00

marzocchi nos triumph 750 shocks (fits this ducati project) $75.00

marzocchi nos honda/bsa 250 shocks $75.00

tomaselli nos 32mm fully adjustable (like 1000 ways) clipons $100.00

sebac nos (italy) steering damper $50.00

tomaselli nos throttle single pull $50.00

tomaselli nos throttle double pull $50.00

well i thought i'd offer them here and on skulls list first. i'll give any skull or uscra'er first right or refusal, after a week they go to my established ebay customers who have purchased scrambler stuff and have inquired about motors. if no luck after that they goto the ebay direct. you can contact me at: [email protected]


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david nelson (skulls) was first on the fairing. i need to get him a shipping quote or find someone from ny (saratoga) area coming to frank and cathy smith's xmas party that would haul it back. it he backs out, matt tanner is on deck next. you'll get sloppy thirds behind matt.

what shocks do you want a pix of? triumph or honda/bsa?

whoops almost forgot. 18" boranni shouldered rim with ducati rear brake laced, kush, and 40tooth sprocket, Price $150.00

thanks for reminding me about alloy rims champ!

motor sold! frame sold! fairing sold! dual pull throttle sold! guy on da ropes for the triumph shocks (pixs coming champ)!

that is all for now!



still workin' on those pixs, sorry! been crazy mad busy with school g!


1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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