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Ducati GT1000

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They have been out for a year now and I ahve to say I am a little disappointed that the market place hasn't really embraced them the way people would have hoped. Paulsmarts are lingering in showrooms and the sport1000 has been a hard sell all year to the point that they added a dual seat for it for 2007. My duc dealer sold all their GT1000s but they didn't order many due to the other sport classics lingering on lots. The new two tone paint looks great but I still think a lot of fashonista hipsters would rather have the monster than the GT1000.

If anybody is looking for a great future classic to buy new and keep for 20 years a paulsmart and sport 1000 are the way to go.
Whats a "fashionista hipster"?
A good example of a fashionista hipster is that guy my buddy spotted on the subway this morning - wearing simpson racing shoes and a vanson armored racing jacket while waiting for a train. When my buddy asked what bike he rode, he said he didn't own a bike.

Basically since motorcycles seem to be "in fashon" these days there are people who buy bikes simply for the fashon of having one. Ducati monsters and cb hondas are bikes that seem to be fashonable to own right now by the hipster crowd.

My Duc dealer still has a leftover paulsmart and sport 1000. Either of these would be in may garage right now if I hadn't had a temporary lapse of reason and decided to get engaged before the new year (SHHHHH!!!!! she doesn't know yet).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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