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Dumb ?, but I need to know

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OK, I just took my CL 350 race bike out of the office/living room where it has set since late Nov when I bought it from nf343. I pushed it around a little to see if it would be nice and start right up, which of course it did not.

My question is--if the battery is low (bike has full battery, generator still on) will it be harder to bump start the bike?

If the low battery causes start problems I will take it out and charge it instead of running up and down the drive way pushing the bike preparing myself for a heart attach (fat and 52). But, hey, I am lazy and don't want to fart around taking the batt. out if I don't need to.


Thanks, the life you may save is my own.
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I've learned my lesson so many times that I now I am very anal about draining fuel out of all the bikes, tanks and carbs. Makes a huge difference come starting time.
I helped a few newbies in the infield last year and was aghast at the condition of some of the bikes....and they had passed tech.

Best case senario is you get really really bummed out because something stupid breaks or screws up and you lose a race.

Worst case crash because of an equipment failure and hurt yourself.

Scenario from crash and hurt someone else because something stupid failed.

Eventually you get in the groove and realize the anal preparation of a race bike is part of the pride and yes, status of being a motorcycle racer.
Jack, the first year is always a challenge....I probably missed half the races and broke the other half. Gets way better the second year. When it comes time to ask questions at the track...don't ask someone just standing around...ask someone who appears to have a race bike, they probably know the answer if it's a generic racing question.

Definately show up early at the track or the night before with your bike and have some people check it out. 90% of the problems that arise are common to all race bikes and most of the guys know what works and what doesn't.
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