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Dumb ?, but I need to know

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OK, I just took my CL 350 race bike out of the office/living room where it has set since late Nov when I bought it from nf343. I pushed it around a little to see if it would be nice and start right up, which of course it did not.

My question is--if the battery is low (bike has full battery, generator still on) will it be harder to bump start the bike?

If the low battery causes start problems I will take it out and charge it instead of running up and down the drive way pushing the bike preparing myself for a heart attach (fat and 52). But, hey, I am lazy and don't want to fart around taking the batt. out if I don't need to.


Thanks, the life you may save is my own.
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oooooo, oooouuuccchhh,
but (i really hate to say this in front of everybody) champy's right. you still have time to prepare carefully.
ps a good thing to do is clean/ wipe EVERYTHING with good lighting. looking over everything that way often shows up things not seen otherwise. then check bolts/nut one at a time systematically. i go front to back but whatever works for you is o.k. then try to run yor bike again and make yourself confident it will start when you get to the track so that you don't waste PRECIOUS track time. that will help to ensure a fun, safe and rich track day.
just another thought.
the mystery location of your missing gas is probabley your crank case....before you run your bike again and risk scoring bearing races, cange your oil. and if you're a smoker...don't while you drain the 2 stroke mix out of your engine.
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