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Dunlops - per Zacks request

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I think the tyre thread was deleted when Jow couldn't handle it and deleted the entire thread cause he's a big penis laper. As far as Dunlops are concerned we've have only 2 people in North America, and someone said Martin orders directly from England. Does anyone know the price from England to here.

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they have something like 11 different compounds available over there. and im not kidding. i was told by a guy that tires are whats lost the most in shipping. apparently, ups has a warehouse outside of georgia i think that has a large section just full of new tires.

and you made me do it. there is contact info for the guy in canada on the skulls group, and uscra group i think. i was able to do the entire transaction with phil via email.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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