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Johnny, When are you going to the Dyno?

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Aaron, I'm going to try to get down there within the next three weeks for sure. All I did is drain the fuel, I don't want to touch it before the first run. Going to test a few changes in trapp disks, air filters and that's about it.
The way it feels I'd swear it's making something stupid like 28hp. It was pulling Roper's 250 in the first 100 feet almost everywhere. Seems to get faster every time I run it. It does excellent first and second gear wheelies on the starts.
I'll let you know probably a week ahead of time if you actually want to be there. And I'll try to download the runs and send them to you if you don't make it. I know I want to keep the run files for my records.
The torque can be deduced from the HP since the dyno actually measures torque. HP is a function of Torque and RPM.

Seems like I found some kind of option on the software to show torque..maybe not. In general you can look for the sharpest increase in HP and figure max torque is in that area of the rpm range.

When I get time I'd like to pick apart the data file from the dyno and see what kind of hard numbers (if any) it's outputting. Seems last time I looked it was all Hex stuff.
Mr. John,
Unlike you, Aaron and I have the technical expertise to sift through Pete's computer, find our dyno run files, save them to floppy disk. Then we bring the disk home and analyze it with dyno software way more advanced than what Pete is actually using at his shop.

Over then winter when we want to make modifications we bring up the various dyno charts, see what worked, see what didn't, find the weak spots and make changings to correct them. All very scientific don't you know. You don't suppose we got so blazingly fast by accident do you.

We are the new crop of genius racers....fear us with giant globs of fear.
That must be why my little 200cc Honda will whoop the crap out of your 250cc Ducati. In fact if you'll check the results, I've already beat Ruffo's 250 Ducati also.

An Aaron and I aren't even trying that hard yet. And by the way, the Hondas are period machines also, as they are the sloper model. Might as well retire that machine while it still has a tiny bit of respect, as it will never recover from the whooping it's going to take next year when Aaron and I make a few more winter time tweaks.

Move over old youngsters are taken over.
hehehe...tight...filled in.
Johnny (Peanut Gallery) B.
I was being too humble to mention our one meeting on the track that resulted in me second....and a certain other person 7th.

I fear only three people in 250gp, Roper, Ruffo and whoever is riding the Ossa.

The evil 200gp clan will take over 250gp.

Your Class is belong to us!!!

Aaron.... gotta respect the man's spin...he's good!

1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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