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Johnny, When are you going to the Dyno?

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I've had my Ducati on the dyno that Pete owns and it always showed torque and horsepower. Maybe your machines don't have any torque or HP !!!!

Yes, you are indeed correct. I am not a computer geek. If you want to sift through Petes dyno I am sure you will find all my runs and given the expertise you both have being geeks you will be able to use that information to make those little Hondas go like a 250 Ducati Mach1 championship winning racer.BTW, the Ducati is a period machine with only some head porting and a modern piston. Everything else is STOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I spoke with BCM about your bike so you can stop with my bike is stock crap.

Oh Yea....

I forgot you and Chuck were tight and he filled you in on all the secrets the Ducati has.

And Branson, I say " Bring it on" !!!!

Also didn't Strempfer say to "bring it on" in the begining of the season and from what I remember I think Branson did in fact bring it on.

Aaron and Branson,

I welcome the challenge!! Actions speak louder than words!!
Yes, Branson had some luck this past season and Aaron trys to exist on his style but I still say "BRING IT ON"

Well..... after the comment about the leg warmers, I must say it did peak my interest about being "part of the gang"

1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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