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Had a great weekend on the strokers, on saturday just me and the wife on the kawasaki triple, 115 steady miles in the sunshine..

Then on sunday i was out on the RD400 with fellow clubmembers, another 167 miles.. fantastic day..

the harley wasnt part of our group

on route we took in a bit of a history lesson, in this meadow in 1461 one of the bloodiest battles in England took place,'The battle of Towton .. thousands of men died and most are still buried in this meadow where they fell..
you can read about the battle here if youre interested..

this is the actual meadow..

just north of the battlefield stands this very old church where records state some of the injured soldiers took refuge, untill they were found and slaughtered by the opposing side..

a look inside reveiled all the original fittings,
it was very eerie in here..

gravestones in the floor

one of our lads getting into the spirit of things..

and there concludes your history lesson :)

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Must truly be a different existence growing up and living surrounded by such vast reminders of history, rather than the ever changing strip malls like I did here in the north east USA.
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