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Do you have any idea where in NJ the spring Giro will be? That is pretty close to me, hope I don't have to work that Sat. Will you be riding that outrageous Yamaha??

Johnny B,

Just tell the guy from Spain the shipping $10 more than the PO charges to make it almost worth your time to deal with it.
I had the same thing happen selling a camera. USA sales only, jerk from FRANCE asks if I would ship, say no! He bids anyway. It took a while but I figured out how to cancel his bid. Since I don't take paypal international sales are a pain in the butt. I take credit cards at my business so have done that the few times I sold international, or they wire me the $ via western union, which egay frowns upon.

If you write to him just don't use words like bandejo or hijo de puta.

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