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ebay morons

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So, I had this Ducati front hub up for auction. My auction says..."only ships to the USA". So this guy from Spain bids on I email the guy from Spain and tell him I only ship to the USA so retract your bid, don't bid anymore etc. So now he wins the auction and wants to know how much to ship it to Spain.
The guy was obviously using some kind of translator software to email me. Holy Jebus, what a pain. He'll probably leave me bad feedback because emailed him again and told him I'm not shipping it to Spain...freakin thing sold for $20, it would cost $60 to ship it to Spain.
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Do you have any idea where in NJ the spring Giro will be? That is pretty close to me, hope I don't have to work that Sat. Will you be riding that outrageous Yamaha??

Johnny B,

Just tell the guy from Spain the shipping $10 more than the PO charges to make it almost worth your time to deal with it.
I had the same thing happen selling a camera. USA sales only, jerk from FRANCE asks if I would ship, say no! He bids anyway. It took a while but I figured out how to cancel his bid. Since I don't take paypal international sales are a pain in the butt. I take credit cards at my business so have done that the few times I sold international, or they wire me the $ via western union, which egay frowns upon.

If you write to him just don't use words like bandejo or hijo de puta.

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