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Eddies Vintage

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Hey, anybody here ever deal with Eddie's Vintage up in NH? He's got some H1's, H2's, and S3's for sale. I have an R5 that I'd like to plop one of my H1 engines into, probably handle a lot better than a regular H1 and be lighter too, but something self destructive in me wants an H in its original frame. WTF, my life insurance is paid up. Comments about dealing with Eddie? I only know him from the motogiro, where his bike (Suzooky X6) expires on a regular basis.

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Eddie is a character. Rode in the PU with him at the Giro.
Seems honest, but he's a character. He was the one with the rock duct taped to his gas tank as a cap . . .

larry you coming tomorrow night?
there's gonna be a lot of island folks. etc.
about 50 people.
By the way, it's In The Way's wedding anniversary tomorrow.
tex, d'oh, it's item no. 4600318043

123456 is just the identifier.


Frank, what's the band aid for??!?!!!!!?!
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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