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Eddies Vintage

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Hey, anybody here ever deal with Eddie's Vintage up in NH? He's got some H1's, H2's, and S3's for sale. I have an R5 that I'd like to plop one of my H1 engines into, probably handle a lot better than a regular H1 and be lighter too, but something self destructive in me wants an H in its original frame. WTF, my life insurance is paid up. Comments about dealing with Eddie? I only know him from the motogiro, where his bike (Suzooky X6) expires on a regular basis.

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Eddie worked like a champ to get my bike going at the Giro and was relentless at keeping Jessica's (from Roadbike mag) Ducati going. He is a character but seems to know his stuff. I'd like to see his place. I also know the entire story of his life from riding with him in the rescue truck at the Giro.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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