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so when iwas at Loudon I had changed gearing because of the enormous torque that the new engine puts out. Running 17/40, used to be 16/42. But I found that I was hitting 5th at near the end of the straight. So does this mean I should go to 17/42? Bigger in the rear?

I always get confused here. What's an easy way to think about this?

I noticed tht Matt camelhairy went from a small rear to a big rear sprocket to get up t. 3 hill faster, but that of course put him screaming on the straight.

As for the MT, I was in 6th (maybe it was 5th but I think it has a 6 speed) before getting to start finish. Should I put on a smaller rear sprocket? Or if I do that will I not be able to get up the hills?
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