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eliminating rear fender on a Thruxton

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I'm lookin into eliminating my rear fender on my Thruxton without spending $225 on the kit from I'm thinking of just getting the ABS protective plate, bullet turn singals, turn signal relocation brackets for the rear from, and a single LED liscense plate holder (Back Off) from
Has anyone else done this or any other way which would be as inexpensive?
I also would like to get a louder exhaust without spending $500 on a new one. The local dealership said i could just knock the baffels in the silencers that are already on there. I'm not too sure if i want to go that route. Any suggestions?
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first, go poke around it's a really good forum on the new bonnevilles with lots of ideas and a few guys that really know these bikes.

on my bonneville, i just picked up some small turn signals and mounted them to the reverse side of the shock mounting threads using the brackets from a U-bolt to get them clear of the seat and shocks(Brent at saw mine and machined some nicer brackets). i think you could cut and bend some aluminum for the "protective plate" and mount it on the cross pieces under the seat and bend an extension down for a license plate bracket and run a strip or two of LEDs where you wanted for a brake light.

i agree, the full fender looks a little funky on the Thruxton, but i think the complete removal makes it look a little odd with that really long seat that runs parallel to the ground. plus if you ride a lot, you're going to end up in the rain and you'll have quite the rooster tail. maybe consider cutting the fender down (shaving the sides too) so you can mount the number plate and brakelight and you also won't have to deal with that "protective plate" thingy.

for exhaust, i just ceramic coated the headers and bolted on these, they are the same mufflers some guys like South Bay Triumph sell for $300. the fit and finish isn't top-end show bike stuff, but they're nice and the price is right....and they'll bolt on.

good luck. tt
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