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End of Thrash

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This evening I finished all three bikes, everything seems to be running and working good. Thanks to Aaron, Matt Tanner, Scott Vile, Bill Douglas for the help and parts.

175's have new PVLs, new tanks and seats, some exhaust work, some breather work and my bike has a neato bike speedo for mph, max mph, odo, running time etc. Mary's 50 has a new ported ball bearing camshaft head and a new racier camshaft.

All bikes were started today, nothing leaking for falling off yet. Now to clean the shop, pack up the tools, check out the trailer.

Aaron, by the way...I think that bastard at Penton did send the wrong stator...I fucked around with for an hour trying to get it to start before I narrowed it down to the fact that the stator had to be mounted on backwards compared to the other units I've installed. No biggie, just take it off and flip it over. Looks like it's the unit meant for a CB350 that I think mounts the stator backwards. F'er probably said screw those guys I'm going to send what I think is right regardless of what they ordered.
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You know he probably did. I kow my charming personality probably didn't help. I should order 10 more like that so he doesn't think he's right. Can I borrow some money?

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