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engine troble

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i have white smoke coming out of the top of my
engine and i have pinpointed where it is coming
from, but i don't know what to do about it.
It is coming from this hole at the top. it seems
like it is exhaust. after running for a while
it starts to bog down lots.

it looks like
a hose goes there or something. i am unsure
what hose goes there though...i only have drainage
hoses from the bottom of the carbs available.

It is a honda cl360 1974
any suggestions?

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i think that is a great idea. i typically
put wd40 all over the back tire right before i if i can just use a hose from my engine
to oil the tire up real good i can save lots
of money on wd40.

yeah.. i will take the carbs off
tomorrow and clean them out
and set the float level.

i can't figure out what kind of
tool i need to set the float level.

i was driving it around
and it bogs down after a while
and then just starts to die.
it also backfires too...
so i hope that is just b/c it is running too

i took off the air filters (boxes)
and they are filthy. it looks
like you just have to replace the whole thing.

do you recommend aftermarket filters?
any suggestions?

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so i replaced the spark plugs yesterday,
b/c the bike wouldn't even start.
one was black and old (on the left side)
and one was black and oily (on the right side)
and it looks like i have bad gaskets on
the right b/c there is a little bit of oil around
the seam on the manifold.

eventually i am going to replace the seat and
the bars for sure, and drop some excessive parts,
but b/c it is the scrambler, i really like the
high pipes...and even though they are quite heavy
i think they look really cool and don't want to loose them. i guess my immediate plans are to get the
thing running and all the maintainance up to date
and then start with my modifications (since everything
i need to do costs more money than i have at this time).

so hopefully i can figure out how to set the float level.
the manual i have isn't very clear on that process.
i am not even sure what kind of tool i need to measure the
level. a ruler?

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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