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Exhausted this subject

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I havent found any good source for vintage exhaust I have found one i think that had mac systems I have a varity of japanese bikes wonder where are the good vintage exhaust places most have new stuff but the old stuff seems to be out in the cold ...I guess soon enough it will be realised there are a lot of old bikes still ticking out there or soon to be ticking lol im my case.So far there hasnt been a single part you guys dont have a clear path too.Please,point me in the right direction...
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I agree but after the time and money spent going thru the bike I was hoping for someone selling japanese slipons of some sort .I know I can make my own put I was hoping to buy and fit up .Besides its hard to get the smaller diamiater tubing I have a tube bender for mandel bends and would just need to buy the die but I was hoping not to make a custom exhaust for ever thing lol .Hey If I have to I will but Id rather bolt and flat black it out not much a chrome guy .Like that Hand made look ! the more nuts and bolt mechanical it looks the more I can enjoy its raw form the better! Its the only reason i like twin leading shoe over disc looks so Edward Sissor Hands.As ussual I always like your bend on things Geeto Thanks George

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and thats the end of the exhaust story no one else has any sources on vintage exhaust,mufflers ,headers that they had luck with and are happy with the quality or lack of....just geeto67 ...I guess Geeto67 is the only one that bothers putting pipes on his bikes.
yeah thats true its a racer web site ..I do have to keep reminding myself.
Johnnyb Thanks thats helpfull,the real question is how many disc does it take for a street bike LOL IM ONLY JOKING IVE USED Super traps for years on sports cars!I do like your GP pipes still waiting for aarons inexpensive exhaust guy to be known .Im not holding my breath though ,If their hand made I ll make them myself .
Yes johhnyb I know its why I was trying to source manufacturers the cost in equipment ,I drool over those new Hydro benders or even a computer programed hydraulic bender .Ed been around lol longer then me now he musy be exhausted ok bad joke ah well! Thanks as always for your input Johnny b

building parts takes allday,and then some Ive made a entire aluminum body for a porsche 550 spyder replica with bead bag and a small english wheel took 7 weeks to build the nose amd dash hoop inner and outer rockers...lots of pounding and wheeling and still only half the skins of the car, and then some one says they can get it cheaper I say show me the guy Ill buy them allday !!!

johnnyB you can learn all you want here and buy the tools required best thing is the instruction videos itll get you where you want to go fabing aluminium.

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I stumbled on this exhaust site may want to check it out for the hell of it . George,1,20
johhnyb great to here that was wondering how long it would take ,and I havent even looked into current exchange rates with the euro.Just look slike they cover alot of models.
this is a good source for exhausts as well
I thinks its a good idea here to post sites you find of interest to cafe racers and cafe streeters.There is so much out there and it changes and its great if someone shows you something you havent seen it save so much time and its cool makes thing here more interesting.Hey if we dont share resources ,brother we are in trouble.

So its cooler, you didnt know of that site Johhnyb ,thats cool!
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