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F-160 Big Boned T-shirts

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In an effort to keep the racing close in F-160 a bit of handicapping was allowed this past year. The F-160 group adopted a new 175/200 rule: "A rider may run a CB/CL 175 if they weigh more than 200 lbs." To celebrate I ordered up these T-shirts. The T-shirt printer has a minimum order policy and these are extra to our needs. Sorry for the small photo. The text below the image reads,
"Does this motorcycle make my butt look big?"
Price is $20 including shipping. I only have 6 shirts left.
4) are Larges and 2)are XXLs All are black.

Cheers, Bret @ Glass from the Past
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Check, money order, PayPal..... whichever works for you. Shoot me an e-mail off list with an address and size and we'll make it happen.

[email protected]

Cheers, Bret @ Glass from the Past
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