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Jeremy & aaron-
my plans have changed and I won't be there on Feb 27. How long will you be in Daytona? I might make it the following weekend but am not sure yet. Don't forget to go by molly's while you're there... but the best place in town for hot chicks is Lollipops. I applied there first but they wouldn't take me because I was too FLAT. hahahaha I still laugh when I think about you guys making fun of me and telling me I looked like a stewardess!
anyway- what's the race schedule? a friend of mine who has a BSA will be up for bike week and i was going to tell him to check out the cafe racer events. thanks!
another great place to stop by for a beer is my fav. irish pub. It's on international speedway- on the beachside as soon as you cross the bridge on the right. it used to be called o'connels but is now tiernanog.
hope all is well!

ready for a ride
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VIP PASSES? hahahahahahahahaha
You still have those? Haven't they expired by now? Besides- it won't be the same without me there!
I'll see what I can do to get out of here but the 1st is monday and my shop is usually open on mondays!
so- what do you get with a VIP pass?

ready for a ride
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