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FCB tech ?'s

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I have a few questions for the FCB'ers here:

-for those who run Johnny's trapp set-up... How many plates do you run?

-anyone else running a 2-1?

-what gearing are people [email protected] NHIS?

-valve gap?

Muchos gracias!

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for what it's worth, and i don't know how to start comparing 2-1 with 2-2, but i'm running 12 on each side of 4"ers on a 2-2. i started with 10 disks, stock jetting, and stacks, and was OK in the early morning practices, but boggy-wet rich in the afternoon at frontierland last fall. recently, i ran 12 each and rattled them a little loose at 50-70deg VIR and seemed pretty i may add more as the temps increase? steven baker was at 12 too i think...but he may be running 3"ers?

and rosko, i've been running 16/34 and seem to be touching the top everywhere jb suggests, but i'm thinking i'll try 16/36 next time at NHIS to see what it does....damn i wish we had transponders.

and valve clearance on the followers? .002" intake and .004" exhaust.


no, all's good. i appreciate the help. i wasn't suggesting anything for disks, just relating my numbers for discussion. i've never run a 2-1 so haven't even thought that through.

and yeah, i'd love some dyno time and would kill for a lap timer (one of the great things with WERA is the transponders). i'm not looking for loud or chasing wives tales really, but just experimenting and stopping once the thing is running well. my only testing is seat of the pants and plug chops. the plug chops are where i've seen evidence of richness paired with the WOT bogging...and adding two disks did something? the bike was good before baker ran over the old megaphones and when i switched to the marshall/branson exhaust w/10 disks, it got rich? i've already got the smallest mains i can find for the OEM carbs, i'm running cheap v-stacks and am looking to cut the screens out, if for no other reason than to keep H2O from hanging there in the rain(thanks tanner) but maybe i'll get more air? i've been running race gas for the lead, obviouisly not the compression, but MikeO and Tanner have convinced me to run pump gas with marvel if anything at all.

no doubt you're right about proper testing....i'll get there. and just to put things back in perspective from my POV, i'm just pulling my alternator this weekend and trying to get the rear brake involved enough to do a little trailing. no doubt i'm chasing my tail on some issues, and once my bike is really race prepped i'll be stoked, which will include a fresh top end, i mean i've got decent compression, but have no idea what else is going on in there. but it's still a real hoot working in that direction, a process after all, and i don't mind riding around some issues as long as i have a chance to work on my riding each time out.

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see, i'm running 105s and still rich with more disks? it's gotta be the intake then, no?

sirius consolidated, , has jet kits. i see they now have 100s, maybe that'll do it for me?


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thanks guys. i really appreciate all the ideas.

rosko, let us hear how it goes...glad you'll be on grid this year.


pete's coming down friday evening to paint some eggs. alex will be around very early saturday to hide them. your welcome to come help me hunt for them anytime. i'll just have to leave sometime late morning on sunday to celebrate the grave robbers.

call or email if you can make it or need directions.

of course, you're welcome to come by anytime. just don't ignore what you've seen on this tread....there's not a lot of tuning the wanker group is capable of. but we'd be happy to strip some bolts and melt some aluminum. alex is great at making sure valves aren't tight, pete's become a real suspension guru and i have enough supertrapp disks to go skeet shooting. so there's all that, and i'm happy to tell you everything i've done to outbrake JnotD and Tex in T3.



sorry, nope.... but you almost thought i was getting dead serious about a proper bike set-up. i'm flattered.

i'm talking about pete casper. you know, the new racer from up by you. with ruffo's old 350...the now red, white, and eddie van bike. but i think rosko was wanting to meet pete t.

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