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Hey McB
I made holes in my clubman bars
under the housings for the controls
and down in the center so they could come out
and go into the headlight.
Then I took out one side at a time
taped them all up good
and pulled them through.
That right angle is a b#*&%
so I tied a string with some nuts on it and dangled them through the
tubing to lead the way.
Then I tied the string around the taped wires and yanked like heck.
Make sure you grind the edges of your holes so they are smooth
and wont cut through any of your electrical wires or you will get a short.

It helps to do one side at a time
and if you get confused with wire colors in the headlight basket
just make tape tabs and match em back up when you are done.
Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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