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Finally got to take my bike out

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I finally got around to adjusting the clutch on my bike and took her out. I've cruise up and down the road before but this is the time that I've really taken my bike out, and this is my first street bike btw, I've been riding dirtbikes though since I was 10. I rode over to the development thats being built next to my development . Its pretty nice, brand new roads and they haven't even started building houses, its been like this for a year, even has a nice long straighaway that I can test my cars speed on haha I just went in there to practice going around corners and doing circles in the coldosacks (sp?). What can I say about how different riding a 220lb dirtbike on the street is than driving my 500lb street bike on the street, its hard getting used to riding in a circle and getting into corners with any speed

Now I just need to get new tires on her, a valve job, and I need to get the carbs synced and I'm ready for the road

1980 Honda CB750
1972 Oldsmobile 442
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