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First bike

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I just purchased my very first bike. It is a 1979 CB750F that had an engine rebuild a few years ago and has sat in storage since. The bike itself is cosmetically very clean and the engine does look like its been through a cleaning cycle. Apparently the previous owner was a racer and had intended to do some nostalgia races. for whatever reason he never finished up the bike and walked away from it. The guy selling the bike is not the owner and is trying to recoupe the storage fees (he does have the ownership). Anyway, I got the bike for a song so I won't be suprised if I have to put a little money into it, but I have a couple of questions.

What is the correct shift pattern for this bike?
Where can I get reliable info on setting up the carb (other than a manual)?
If the bike was in neutral, why would it be very, very difficult to move forward?

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Before you do what Ken said, tap on the caliper with a mallet or plastic dead blow hammer. Usually frees 'em up enough to roll around. Calipers could probably use a good cleaning/rebuild. Pretty easy to do.

Get the carbs professionally cleaned and rebuilt or do a THOROUGH job yourself. Save a ton of hassle and don't skimp on this.

In my humble experience when waking up an old bike (or car) thats been sitting a long time, consider any and all rubber or plastic parts having to do w/ the engine, suspension or brakes (seals especially) to be suspect. Inspect everything carefully and at least prepare yourself for the possibility of having to chase a small army of gremlins and replace a bunch 'o' shit.

If I'm wrong, well then, sweet.

Honda go sideways!
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