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First bike

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I just purchased my very first bike. It is a 1979 CB750F that had an engine rebuild a few years ago and has sat in storage since. The bike itself is cosmetically very clean and the engine does look like its been through a cleaning cycle. Apparently the previous owner was a racer and had intended to do some nostalgia races. for whatever reason he never finished up the bike and walked away from it. The guy selling the bike is not the owner and is trying to recoupe the storage fees (he does have the ownership). Anyway, I got the bike for a song so I won't be suprised if I have to put a little money into it, but I have a couple of questions.

What is the correct shift pattern for this bike?
Where can I get reliable info on setting up the carb (other than a manual)?
If the bike was in neutral, why would it be very, very difficult to move forward?

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Thanks for the great tips everyone, can't wait to get her on the road!
I got the bike home and the tips you gave me were right on. The rear caliper was hanging up and the pattern seems to be reversed. However I noticed that she would sometimes slip back into gear, and was much easier to push when I pulled in the clutch than when she was in neutral. Any ideas?
Pics are coming tonight. Any good books you would recomend? I dl'd a manual the other for $10 just to get started.
can't get the pictures to upload for some reason. any suggestions?
pics are on their way. i just finished working 7am to 10:30pm got home at 11 and decided to work on her a bit. the engine is now turning over, carbs are off, air box is off, mufflers are off, cigarette lighter is gone, aftermarket fog light is gone, clutch cover is off.
Will do. Other than fixing the wiring mess he made adding a fog light and replacing the missing hoses etc... I have 3 problems.

1) the starter seems to have 2 gears, and the are not lined up (?).
2) rear caliper is seized (understatement of the year)
3) the bike only seems to shift 3 times. I looked at the linkage and it didn't seem to be cycling properly with the roller stopper pins. It does look stock so I don't think the p/o changed the pattern.

If you don't mind Geeto, I have more pictures to email you of what I have done so far and I would greatly appreciate your input.
I noticed on page 4-13 of the service manual (link previously posted)the top picture shows what looks like a vacuum line with a "T" splitter joining the two pairs of carbs.

All the lines involving the carb on my bike were missing when I bought it. What is that line, and where should it be hooked up to on the other side?

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